Ateshgah, the zoroastrian temple, is situated in lower Kala, Betlemi quarter of Old Tbilisi. The restoration of this significant archeological and cultural site is a part of the Betlemi quarter rehabilitation programme of the ICOMOS Georgia. The massive cubic volume of the undomed temple is now covered with light protective roof, the staircase from Gomi street to the temple has been restored and the wooden platform for visitors has been installed in the interior. The local community was actively involved in the restoration process.


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2.06.2018 15:01

I must be a total naana, but could not figure out how to get in here! Walked up the steps to the black double doors, but there was a massive dog behind them. Walked around the side, but only saw homes. How does one get inside?



    31.03.2019 09:44

    It is enclosed by a private property. So you have to knock on the door and ask the owner of the house to secure a passage to the monument.