The medieval urban structure, the 19th century historic buildings of the area of Gudiashvili square and the garden are in danger.

The concept of the future development of the area does not exist or it’s not officially published yet. The construction works on the house N°2 (registered as monument N° 429) are still in progress. The demolition of the next building has been completed.

The developer and the city of Tbilisi must publish plans to make possible public discussion. Gudiashvili square is the unique place that must be saved.

Washington charter: “2. Qualities to be preserved include the historic character of the town or urban area and all those material and spiritual elements that express this character, especially: a) Urban patterns as defined by lots and streets; b)Relationships between buildings and green and open spaces; c) The formal appearance, interior and exterior, of buildings as defined by scale,size, style, construction, materials, colour and decoration; d)The relationship between the town or urban area and its surrounding setting, both natural and man-made; and e)The various functions that the town or urban area has acquired over time. Any threat to these qualities would compromise the authenticity of the historic town or urban area.”


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